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Onychomycosis treatment (nails fungus)

- Get rid of Nail Fungus with Laser -
Onychomycosis treatment (nails fungus)

Onychomycosis is a superficial infection of the nails of hands and feet caused by three types of fungus: dermatophytes (inhabitants of the skin) yeast (candida albicans in immune suppressed individuals) and non-dermatophyte molds (not inhabitants of the skin).

Traditional treatment of Unicomicosis with topics (creams) and oral medications may be a challenge for clinicians and frustrating for patients because of its tendency to persistence, recurrence and reinfection rates ranging from 10 to 53%. Topical medication can take between 3-12 months. Oral medications are generally more effective than topical medications and treatment can take up to three months. Oral medications are also associated with increased risk of liver toxicity, drug disorders and allergies, which may limit its use, particularly in certain patients. Additionally the high rates of reinfection can impact treatment outcomes.

Thanks to advances in science, it is now possible to treat onychomycosis with laser with satisfactory results. Studies conducted by the IRAYASU Hospital University in Japan with a genesis laser for the treatment of onychomycosis, showed very positive results. All patients had been previously treated with oral  and topical medication without results. With only 2-3 laser sessions at intervals between 4-6 weeks, achieved incredible results. 81% indicated that they had partial or complete improvement after 16 weeks of the last treatment.

The treatment is well tolerated, is not painful and has no side effects, is the application of the laser light for 5 minutes with a non-contact manner which avoids any contamination. Patients feel a sensation of heat that disappears once the session is done. The treatment does not require anesthesia and has no disability. The results are very good, and the treatment is effective for different types of onychomycosis.

Laser Genesis Treatment is a new, fast and secure treatment with a high level of effectiveness and well tolerated by patients. Now people with this condition may get rid of the topical treatments that results uncomfortably and prolonged or oral drugs that are toxic, and can access to a fast treatment, effective and safe, to improve their quality life.