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laser treatment for stretch marks removal

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laser treatment for stretch marks removal

Stretch marks are linear bands of atrophic or wrinkled skin which occur after the dermis is stretched over or under the influence of estrogen (hormone) or corticosteroids. This can be observed after the sudden growth that occurs during puberty, pregnancy, or in cases of rapid gaining of weight and using systemic steroids for long periods of time or after topical administration.

In the grooves the extracellular matrix is altered, and there is a disappearance of elastic fibers and collagen. In addition, due to the loss of normal architecture of the dermis, the stretch mark is an atrophied scar.

Stretch marks have three phases namely: the recent streak, which is red, then going to a pink color; within a second stage it goes to a violet color, and finally we find the former streak that is white, some with silver tone. Likewise, in their breadth and depth part; the grooves have different appearance and this determines the degree of severity. Thus, there are wide and deep stretch marks or narrow and shallow ones, etc.

Conventional Treatments for Stretch Marks

Different techniques have been used for its treatment, ranging from micro demabración to the use of topical creams and peels but with very limited scope and results.

Topical treatments based on retinoids produced a slight improvement in stretch marks, but can cause side effects such as irritation or stains.

New Technologies

The emergence of laser technology has revolutionized the treatment of stretch marks and this is how these new techniques can treat stretch marks in its initial phase (red), with vascular lasers with surprising results; whereas the treatment of white stripes, techniques are used for the stimulation of collagen and the reconstruction of the atrophic dermis, thereby, achieving significant improvements in appearance but not its final disappearance.

The most appropriate lasers for this treatment are those that facilitate the stimulation of newcollagen and especially the laser Regenlite working on fifroblastos, found in the superficial dermis with surprising results for both the red stripes as well as the white streaks. The treatment is painless; it does not require preparation or anesthesia, and a few sessions (3 sessions approx.) They are able to improve the appearance of stretch marks, dramatically, both in texture and in appearance and color.

Due to the ability to reconstitute the collagen in the dermis, more rapidly in recent stretch marks and red; it is important to be treated quickly as soon as these appear, as the results at this early stage are far superior to the treatment of old or white streaks.

What Can You Expect After the Treatment?

Scientific studies have shown that laser treatments Regenlite produce an 84% growth in the synthesis of collagen type III which leads to cosmetic improvement of stretch marks and wrinkles between 30 and 90 days after this.

70% of patients receiving laser treatment for stretch marks noticed a big improvement. Recent stretch marks shallow, red or purple are the most responsive to treatment, almost immediately.

Red and White Streaks

The innovative laser techniques and technologies available to Skin Laser Clinic, allow substantially the improvement of all the streaks, eliminating red color (vessels), filling (depressed streaks), flattening and substantially improving the general appearance of these.