Who We are

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Who We are

- We are the clinic with the most experience and cutting edge technology in Colombia -

Since its founding in 1997, Laser Skin Clinic has become the medical institution with the most sophisticated and advanced skin laser technology in Latin America, offering innovative treatments with a medical approach and aesthetic. It is the largest clinical experience and technology.

Our Mission

We are the largest and most advanced network of Laser Skin Clinics in Colombia, Panama and Ecuador, with the best and most varied laser technology for American and European facials, body treatments; in order to satisfy the aesthetic and self-esteem of our patients providing warm and efficient care with a team of specialists and high standards of quality and service.

As industry leaders, we provide novel treatments with advanced and proven aesthetic laser technology, effective and noninvasive to cure and to improve various pathologies or cosmetic problems of the skin.

We are committed to improve the welfare, confidence and self esteem of our patients in a safe, professional, friendly and ethical way.

Our Vision

Be the first and most recognized clinical skin laser Colombia, focused on providing services for patients with dermatological diseases or cosmetic problems. Providing new medical treatments with the latest technology, with international and high standards of quality and service

Currently, our centers have more than 18 different lasers, and other complementary technologies,which can treat as many diseases or skin irregularities.
Our goal is the patient’s satisfaction by providing human and technical resources with a warm and efficient service. This is achieved using a complete team of specialists with extensive national and international experience which ensures appropriate care through a personalized service for each treatment and a strict quality’s control, which ensures the best results. As a result, our Clinic counts with offices in major cities throughout Colombia and internationally in Panama, Ecuador and Perú.

Currently, our clinic has quality assurance certification ISO 9001, which allows us to standardize our processes to provide better quality service to our patients

Quality Policy

Laser Skin Clinic is committed to accomplish the patient’s full satisfaction by the continuous improvement of its processes and its laser technology, and to cure or improve various pathologies or aesthetic problems of the skin; always grounded in the skills and expertise of our employees and partners, with high professional and ethical standards, becoming the leading company in national and international sector.


More about Who We are

1Leaders in Laser Technology Discover the Beauty of your Skin, Discover the Laser

Welcome to the most advanced skin and laser clinic and Vascular of Latin America with the best and most varied European and American laser technology and the finest equipment for facial aesthetic and body. These are the unique clinics with more than 18 lasers for your skin.

We are the largest network of laser skin clinics of Colombia and Latin America with offices in major cities and international franchise in Panama and Ecuador.

Why Us? We provide to our patients, treatments with the most advanced laser technology

Laser technology   

Get rid of unwanted hair and looks clean and smooth skin!

¡Patients who used our services, tell us their experience!

We want to thank all our patients because they have placed their trust in “La Clícica Láser  de piel” and we are confident that we will continue improving in order to have the best laser technology and the best results in our treatments.

Clínica Láser de Piel is beauty, youth, self-esteem, cleaning, joy, health, safety and hope

Because we are interested in improving everyday, the Clínica Láser de Piel has designed a space where our patients can get the latest news

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Check our promotions and special packages